How to control the company without creating bureaucracy
25 de October de 2014


When more and more people begin to work in an organization that is growing, it is normal for the ways to perform tasks of daily life of each are different, and this may generate operational difficulties and inconsistencies in deliveries to the client, causing dissatisfaction. With that in mind, define and implement clear processes becomes a necessity for growing business.

What is the procedure for the establishment of a budget? Where must be registered applications? How to keep updated list of customer contact? With all these questions, it is important to start worrying in registering them in the form of manuals and flowcharts. Noting that the record of information must be done in a system that allows you to search for all of the company need to have this access.

What we also noticed, working alongside entrepreneurs, is that if you dream big, will be inevitable encounter with the implementation of an ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, English name that defines the systems that are used to plan and control the use of resources and the processes within companies.
It may not be the most fun activity that will exercise, but if you want your business to grow rapidly, will need to deploy robust processes. At the beginning, the Excel spreadsheet you can even serve to control cash flow and budget, but sooner or later you will need to end up with multiple versions of the worksheet and adopt a more complete system.

The ERP is a tool that, when well used, allows an integrated view of what is happening in the company. But be careful – adopt a more complex system than the current need of the company can generate unnecessary work, and compromising business agility. So, try to understand exactly what are the processes that need to run, and get a tool capable of disseminating them. After all, there's no point having a console of Boeing to fly a bicycle.
Fortunately, there are a whole range of tools for the most different sizes and business sectors. From simple systems in the cloud, to financial control of small businesses, like the ContaAzul or the Tiny, until more complete software, such as those from TOTVS, SAP, Oracle or even the OpenERP (Odoo), which is open source.

And how to do all this without the day-to-day of the staff look like the daily life of a public breakdown, occupied by forms and screens of increasingly complex system?

In the same way as the leader of a company must have a good balance between entrepreneurial spirits and Manager, it is important that the company find the right amount of balance between rigid processes and autonomy for people.
Every step of the business people know exactly "what" and "how" they have to do? What is the simplest way to ensure that this knowledge reaches all? Draw the steps on the wall of the Office? Do training? Create an area of YOU?
Try making these thoughts, focusing on implementing only the required level of control, without exaggeration. Once chosen the method, search for exhausting the possibilities with him before leaving for the next. And before blaming the failure of the tool look further ensure that people adjust to the new routine.


Felipe Gasko is responsible for services to entrepreneurs of Endeavor.